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Traditional lacing days

Every year, we prepare traditional lacing days in Železniki, this year already 55th in a row...

Privacy Policy

Web site E-obcina.si (and secondary https://zelezniki.si and zelezniki.e-obcina.si) - below as web site E-obcina saves some of your personal data, which will be used according to the Law on the protection of personal data (ZVOP – 1).

Transmitted personal data are used for:
  • E-informing (SMS and E-mail)
  • Authentication and registration of users in the system
  • Processing of electronic application forms (forms) and application of initiatives and irregularities
Obtained data will be used or disclosed by the provider or user exclusively for the purposes because of which they were with your approval obtained or will be passed forward on the request of the authorities of Republic of Slovenia.

This web site can collect certain data about your visit, such as name of internet service provider and address IP (Internet Protocol), by which you access the internet, date and time of access, pages visited on the web site and internet address, directly from which you accessed this web site.

Provider can disclose your data when this is legally specified or in good fate, that this action is crucial for:
  • Compliance with legal provisions or legal procedures
  • Protection of right or property of provider or provider’s web sites
  • Taking action in urgent circumstances for protecting personal security of provider’s employees, mediums, users or public.
Provider of service commits to protect the data carefully and in accordance with law and according to the Law on the protection of personal data.

Protection of the personal data collection

All data are stored by external contractors, company Amis d.o.o., in the data center in Maribor and by the company Microsoft (cloud). With both external providers, data is secured by the team of professionally qualified workers and this provides the maximal possible protection of data.


How and why we use cookies, you can read in Cookie policy.

Request for the deletion of personal data

As a user you can at any given time request, that the manager of personal data deletes your personal data from the collection of personal data. In case you would want that, you can send us a written form on our e-mail address info@e-obcina.si or by registered mail.

Changes to privacy policy

Provider reserves the right to change any part of general terms of use before prior notice. Changed conditions become valid on the day they are published on the web pages of the web site.

Validity of privacy policy

This version of privacy policy is valid from 11/02/2016

Sigmateh d.o.o., Maribor

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Nekateri piškotki so bili morda že servirani v skladu z zakonodajo.
Za več informacij si preberite Pravilnik o piškotkih.
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