Cookies Policy

New Electronic communication act (Official leaflet no. 109/2012), ZEKom-1 brought into the legal order new rules about the use of cookies and similar technologies for saving or access data, saved on computers, tablets or mobile devices of users.

Privacy of users is very important for us therefore we strive to offer users all information about the cookies we use on our web site with purpose to provide better function of our web page and more pleasant user experience.

With the help of cookies, unique data about the user and settings, chosen on an individual web site are saved on user’s device.

Obtained information and data will be carefully secured and used exclusively for purposes of providing web services, analysis of use and functionalities, which would not be available without cookies.

About cookies

Cookies are nothing new, all users of web sites have got a lot of cookies from various web sites saved on our computers, tablets and mobile devices. With the new legislation (ZEKom-1) there have been several changes about informing and consenting users of web sites with the use of cookies.

What are cookies

Cookies are information about the activity of the user on the web, saved by the majority of web pages into the device used to access the web page. The purpose is to recognize specific device, used for the access. Saving of cookies is under complete control of the internet browser, that has been used. User can limit or disable saving of cookies. Cookies are not harmful and are always time limited.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are of fundamental importance for providing friendly web services. Interaction between web user and web site is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With cookies, web site can remember individual’s wishes, interests and experiences. Therefore, time can be saved and browsing web sites becomes more efficient and friendly.

Some concrete examples of the use of cookies

  • For better user experience, we adjust display of the content on the web site according to the previous visits
  • For saving the choice when making narrower selection of devices and offers and their comparison.
  • On parts of web sites, where registration is needed, we keep you signed in
  • For recognition of your device (computer, tablet, mobile device), which enables adaptation of content display on your device
  • For monitoring the visit, which enables verification of efficiency of content display and suitability of advertisement and constant improvement of web page
  • Cookies are necessary for operation of certain services (eg. online banks, online shops and other forms of e-bussiness…)

Cookies used for basic operation of web site

Name Purpose Duration of cookies Provider
zoompage Remembering user's choice about website font size 2 years Municipality of Železniki
cookies Remembering user's choice about accepting cookies 2 years Municipality of Železniki
hide_exposed_item_id Pomnjenje uporabnikove izbire o prikazu pasice z izrednim obvestilom 12 hours Municipality of Železniki
.AspNet.ApplicationCookie Remembering user's registration (login) 14 days Municipality of Železniki
__RequestVerificationToken Helps to prevent so called Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. Current session Municipality of Železniki

How to use cookies?

Settings for cookies can be monitored and changed also in your own web browser. Choose the web browser you are using for further information about settings for cookies.

About locally saved objects (LSO)

LSO do not belong amongst classical web cookies, yet they are small files, which install themselves into terminal equipment with purpose of aquiering certain information about users. Typical example is YouTube video, installed into the content. Player can for example record setting of your preferable volume of sound into LSO file.

LSO, which can be made or used using our web page

Name Purpose Provider
yt-player-bandwidth Undefined YouTube
yt-remote-connected-devices Undefined YouTube
yt-remote-device-id Undefined YouTube
yt-remote-online-screens Undefined YouTube

How to manage LSO?

LSO uploading cannot be controlled, also technical data about individual web sites, which are being used, is unknown.
LSO can be disabled with the help of settings on the following link.

Further questions

For all further questions about the cookies you can contact us at e-mail address